Vodka = God

Vodka = God

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hahahahahah gila bodoh!

hahahahahah gila bodoh!

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Potentially Worse Worst Person Ever of the Day: In her latest video, infamous Poe’s law invoker TamTamPamela has raised the bar for religious extremists and religious extremism spoofers alike by thanking God for shaking Japan awake from the slumber of secularism.

Is she for real? The debate rages on. Either way: Not funny.

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wow this is the worst worst WORST person i have EVER SEEN

Wow. Ive never been so pissed off over a youtube video. I wanna slap the hell out of this bitch. I have family living in Japan, and yes, thank GOD that they are safe. But they do believe in god (as do I) and in no way shape or form was this a “wake up call”. Its a NATURAL fuckin disaster. ALKDSJFALKJDF

 what the fuck? what god do YOU pray to? because thats some fucked up god if i do say so myself. you dont PRAY for things like that to happen like what did in japan to ‘wake people up’. you are the antichrist. i always wondered what it would look like. i can the see the horns protruding out of your forehead. its a shame people like you exsist.

Bitch, you live in a country with Atheist too. You’ll die praying for a quake in your country. even if “God” do answer your prayers, i hope the epicenter would be exactly wherever you’re standing - and don’t bother asking “God” to save your life either.

Son, this bitch needs to go. GTFO Pam!

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LOL XD dude, morality clash much ?!

LOL XD dude, morality clash much ?!