Jessie J LIVE IN MALAYSIA (part2)

ok so last week was awesome, i still have Jessie J fever!
these are just some pictures i managed to snap, gawd she’s so awesome.
have i mention she’s awesome? she’s really is awesome.

however, here’s her setlist:

  1. Who’s Laughing Now
  2. Rainbow
  3. Stand Up
  4. Casualty of Love
  5. Nobody String Intro
  6. Nobody’s Perfect
  7. Never Too Much
  8. Abracadabra
  9. I Need This
  10. Technology (Acoustic) (aka  Life is more than Twitter)
  11. Love (Acoustic)
  12. Who You Are (Start Acoustic then Build Intro Full band)
  13. Mama Know’s best
  14. Do It Like A Dude
  15. Price Tag (With Bob and Extended Ending)
  16. Domino
Technology @ Life is More Than a Twitter was literally extra new coz you know why? it’s because Jessie wrote it 16 hours before the concert! so here it is 

LOL it’s funny i found myself in people’s blog. I’m behind these white girls here with my mouth bare smiling out - believe or not, the girl holding the orange card is THIRTEEN years old and she looks at least 16. and she was taller DX she didn’t let me be in front and i end looking at her head a lot instead - but nonetheless, i still got a good view of Jessie J.
p/s: Nina is just next to that 13 year old. i think she’s either looking into her bag or watching out on Johnson, Faith’s little brother who is constantly sitting down due to tiredness - lesson Faith: don’t bring a kid to a concert unless he/she is 15 the least or has chairs.